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Our Story

The idea for Golf Ball Finder was born when my friend asked me to play come golf for the first time. When we got to the course I forked out on an expensive box of brand new golf balls. We got to the first tee box and I excitedly teed the first shiny new golf ball up. I then swung the golf club as hard as I could and launched it off the tee thinking I was Tiger Woods. Before I even had a chance to see where the ball landed I heard the ball rustling through the trees on the right. We then spent the next 10 minutes looking for the ball, when I spotted another ball. I picked it up and my friend shouted out, “you found a PRO V” and this was where the thrill of finding golf balls came from.

After finding my first PRO V, I wanted to find some more. So we went on to develop the Golf Ball Finder. After spending a few months testing out lots of different UV wavelength frequencies. We found which LED illuminated balls the best in the dark. Finally, after finishing the product, I went out with the lads and came back with buckets filled with balls. We haven’t bought a single golf ball since…