Golf Ball Finder

Find hundreds of free golf balls on your course with the revolutionary new torch.

golf ball finder

Find loads of golf balls quickly & easily..

Find bucket loads of lost golf balls on your golf course today, using the new Golf Ball Finder. The average golfer loses around one hundred golf balls per year, which can cost you up to £400 to replace them. After half an hour of finding lost golf balls, you’ll quickly make back the money spent on the torch and have as many Pro V’s as you want for free.

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golf ball finder

How it works?

The Golf Ball Finder torch emits a special wavelength of UV light which will illuminate all hidden golf balls in it's UV beam. The Golf Ball Finder torch will spot golf balls up to approximately ten feet away. While using the Golf Ball Finder only 1% of the golf balls need to be visible for the torch to spot them at night.

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Golf ball finder

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9 LED aluminium Golf Ball Finder torch.
Special golf ball illuminating UV wavelength frequency.
3 AAA batteries included.
Free shipping worldwide!

£18.99 £14.99



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