Golf Ball Finder Glasses Do They Work? | Best Blue Lens Glasses Review
golf ball finder glasses

Golf ball finder glasses do they work?

I was playing a round of golf last year when one of my friends pulled out a pair of funky blue lens glasses out of his bag. He told me they were golf ball finding glasses, to help him find golf balls. The idea is that the blue lenses on the golf ball glasses make everything blue except the white golf balls.

I gave them a try to see if they worked as a daytime alternative for the Golf Ball Finder torch. Unsurprisingly they were pretty useless, compared to the Golf Ball Finder torch at night for finding golf balls.

Out of interest I also checked to see if you were allowed to use the golf ball finder glasses the in competition for a round of golf and the rule book says illegal and will result in DQ under Rule 14-3.

In conclusion, buy the golf ball finder glasses as a joke golf gift for the office golfer. I wouldn’t expect him to actually use them while playing a round of golf though. If you just want to find lots of free golf balls for your next round or chipping in the garden use the Golf Ball Finder.

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